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Small Bathtubs -Small Bathroom Solutions for Your Home

Have you ever heard anyone boasting about their small Bathtubs or a corner bathtub in their bathroom? It’s not likely, however, sometime that could really be the case.Cambridge 5-Feet small Bath Tub with Left-Hand Drain, White:Made of americast material, the tub is 50% lighter and more durable than a traditional cast iron tub. It is also easier to install with its integral apron. The integral apron means the bathroom facing side of the tub is already finished.Bathtub measures 60 by 32 by 17-3/4 inches 1524 by 813 by 451 millimeters.Bathing well dimensions are 54 by 26 by 17 inches -1372 by 660 by 432 millimeters. Not everyone has the privilege of living in a big house with wide open bathroom areas.

 More often than not, you have to carefully plan how to fit everything you want into a small bathroom. That’s the real challenge, and that’s exactly why there are small bath tubs out there.

There Are Many Different Materials Available for Small Bathtubs

Many manufacturers offer a variety of different materials for their small bathtubs. They include acrylic which is the most popular and widely available then fiberglass, steel, and a smaller selection of cast-iron. The small bathtub option means that you cannot truly relax in this size of tub as it takes more than 15 inchs of depth to give you an adequate supply of water to cover the body.

Bathtubs usually come in standard sizes which consist of a tub size of 5 feet or 60 inches long and giving you a width of 30 or 32 inches. Anything outside of this standard size are considered soaking tubs.

Although, given the chance, we’d all prefer to have an exterior extra-large Jacuzzi whirlpool bathtub in our backyards; the truth is we are constrained by our own bathroom area (not to mention, our budget). Nevertheless, it’s perfectly possible to turn even the smallest bathtub into a fully functional bathroom, with all the essential small bathroom vanities we need for our daily hygienic habits.

A Solution to Consider When Choosing a Small Bathtub

 A solution that you may want to think about is if you do not do a lot of bathing you may want to remove the tub and replace it with a walk-in shower.Mackenzie 4-1/2-Feet Recess Small Bath Tub with Right-Hand Drain, White:Made with acid resisting enameled steel construction this bath tub is a perfect addition to any home. Bath tub features an integral apron and full slip-resistant pattern. A lot of manufacturers offer different sizes and different shapes of shower bases that are designed with built-in seats; built-in safety handles (grab bars).

Space-Saving Bathroom Vanities Are Another Great Choice for Your Small Bathroom

If you’re facing a similar problem, your best option it to ask for professional assistance. There are a lot of space-saving bathroom vanities that you may not even be aware of. When you lack the space to install everything you want, it’s time to let the pros do their work. With a small Bathtubs or shower cabin, even your tiny bathroom can suddenly feel a lot more spacious.

It’s all about proper placement and perception. With the right set of bathroom vanities and large vanity mirrors you don’t need to worry about having claustrophobic feelings inside your bathroom.

Bathtub Refinishing| Reglazing, Resurfacing Your Bathtub
Bathtub Refinishing can be quite an interesting solution, provided you know exactly what you are getting.Although bathtub refinishing is mostly used to repair bathtubs, you can also use it to improve your bathroom décor. Who says you have to make it look like it did before? You can get creative and take the chance to make a refreshing change of scenery.

Japanese Bathtubs |Soaking Tubs, Traditional Bathing in your Home
The Japanese Bathtub is the supreme experience in bathing. If you think you take your baths seriously, just wait until you know about the oriental bathing rituals.Traditional Japanese bathtubs are made of wood, though you can find every possible combination these days, from stone to acrylic, to solid wood. It all depends on how much you’re willing to pay. One thing is for certain though – your bathtub will definitely make your bathroom.

Bathtub Tile Ideas |Design Your Own Pattern and Style, colors for your Bathroom Decor
There are so many different bathtub tile ideas that it’s hard to find a good starting point. Unless you have a precise idea of what you want, my advice is for you to start looking at bathroom décor magazines or online catalogs till something catches your eye.Even with a very limited tile set, you can create incredible and unique patterns never before seen.

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