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Premier Bathtubs| Helping people with Walk in Bathtubs & Accessories for Accessibility

Premier Bathtubs are the world leader in walk in bathtubs. If you’re looking for this particular type of tubs, you have come to the right place. Although most people climb in and out of their bathtubs every day, it’s easy to forget just how difficult that can be for older people or someone with impaired mobility. Thankfully, Premier bathtubs have that covered, providing all the necessary equipment to turn your bathroom into a better place for disabled people.

Walk-In Bathtubs Gives You an Easy Solution for Bathtub Accessibility

Established in 1985, Premier bathtubs have quickly gained a wide reputation in walk in bathtubs, helping thousands of elderly and disabled people around the world. Their professional trained staff will install your new bath tub at your convenience, leaving you with a tidy new bathroom adapted to your needs. You don’t need to worry about messy leftovers for you to clean – you just choose the bathtub model, agree on an installation date, and that’s it.

It’s easy to see why "Premier bathtubs" is the market leader in Europe, Canada and the United States. Caring for everyone with special needs, they allow thousands of people to regain their independence when it comes to the most intimate moments a human being can have.

Walk-In Bathtubs Give You the Opportunity to Be More Independent

 Knowing you can take a bath without requesting assistance is something that only a few can tell you just how much it matters to them. Why struggle to use a regular bathtub, when a walk in bathtub can make your life a lot easier?

Large Bathtubs| King Sized Bath Tub Bathing for the ultimate experience
Once you get to experience the real pleasure of a really large bathtub (or better yet, a Jacuzzi) you’ll never want to go back to those small and cramped bath tubs.A large bathtub provides you with a lot of benefits. You'll find that there's nothing better than a long, hot, relaxing soak in your tub.

Bathtub Caddy| This Bathtub Accessory will help with Stress-Free Relaxation
If you enjoy relaxing in your Bathtub, as comfortable as possible, a Bathtub Caddy is the most important Bathtub Accessory you absolutely need to get.Bathtub Caddies Are One of the Best Bath Accessories You Could Have.

Walk-In Bathtubs |Safety Bathtubs
Not everyone is aware of how much Walk-In Bathtubs can simplify their lives.Its hard enough not to be able to do these simple tasks alone – let alone need to have someone assist you in these intimate moments.

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