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Japanese Bathtubs| The Oriental art of bathing in your Home

The Japanese Bathtub is the supreme experience in bathing. If you think you take your baths seriously, just wait until you know about the oriental bathing rituals. Just like the famous tea ritual, bathing has a very strong spiritual meaning for oriental people and that's where the Japanese bathtub comes in, cleansing not only the body, but the soul as well. In fact, it’s customary to bathe before entering the bathtub – how about that?

 Traditional Japanese Ofuro Bathtubs Are Made of Beautiful Solid Wood

Traditional Japanese bathtubs are made of wood, though you can find every possible combination these days, from stone to acrylic, to solid wood. It all depends on how much you’re willing to pay. One thing is for certain though – your bathtub will definitely make your bathroom truly stand out from the crowd. Not that you need to advertise it to your friends, but once they see it, you can rest assured they’ll envy you (or, if close enough, ask you to let them try it out).

 The Japanese ofuro bathtub is usually made of the famous aerobatic wood Hinoki. Other choices that are used in the manufacturing are red Cedar and teak. Wood is chosen with the finest care in choosing the finest grade of vertical grained quartersaw heartwood that is prepared properly by using proper drying techniques keeping it free of defects.

Japanese Bathtubs Will Give You a New Relaxing Soaker Tub Experience

Ofuro Bathtubs are usually smaller than your standard tubs but deeper. They can be very deep and up to 22 inches of relaxing soaking hot water. This allows the water to go over top of your shoulders and completely submerging your body. A traditional Japanese ofuro bathroom is all around sanctuary with a open design and a waterproof floor installed with a central drain.

If you’re really interested in Japanese Bathtubs, you can easily find manufacturers and retailers online. With the World Wide Web under your fingertips, finding the best models and the best deals is easier than it ever was. If you’re lucky enough to find a special discount price don’t hesitate for a second – this bathtub will be there for you for the rest of your life (or until you think it’s time to replace it).

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