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Freestanding Bathtubs| Contemporary, Classic Victorian, Japanese, Bathroom Ideas for your home

Freestanding Bathtubs are “in” once again. Back to its purest form, the bathtub has taken a lot of different shapes during the ages. No matter how good a regular bathtub looks today, it can never beat the elegancy of the freestanding bathtub design. If you want your bathroom to be a truly unique place, you better start planning for one in your new bathroom plans.

A Bold New Way to Add a Special Look in Your Bathroom

When people talk about freestanding bathtubs, most people think we’re talking about those classic Victorian bathtubs. However, this is hardly the case: there are hundreds of new and contemporary freestanding bathtub designs.

 Take a look at the Japanese bathtubs sections of any online catalog – most models are freestanding and quite enjoyable to have in a contemporary house. Of course, you don’t need to go that far – there are amazing freestanding American designs that I’m sure you’ll love to have a look at.

Freestanding Bathtubs Add a Modern Bathroom Look

 Freestanding Bathtubs are a great way to add new modern design to your bathroom. This type of tub style is meant to be directly on the floor in the bathroom. The benefit of this is that they do not need three walls for insulation like if you were to install a drop-in bathtub that needs piping access from one wall to fill the tub.

 Although you can find small freestanding tubs. This type is usually designed and a very good choice for large bathrooms where you do not want to install the tub directly to a wall, but as a signature piece standing on its own. This is very beneficial if you want to install your bathtub by a window with no access to wall piping.

Using Vintage Tradition of a Bath Tub Style in a Modern Bathroom

Clawfoot tubs are good example of freestanding tubs, but the freestanding is more of a modern look rather than the vintage look that the claw foot gives you.

Finding a good "freestanding bathtub" is usually easier than you think. Most freestanding tubs are of the finest quality, especially if you choose one from a reputable manufacturer like Maax or Kohler. If you take your house décor seriously, I think this is the perfect bathtub style for your house. You can finally place your tub in the center of the room, displaying it as a piece of art, a very important part of your daily bathing routine… designed to take you away from the daily routine.

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Jacuzzi Whirlpool Bathtubs are considered the best jetted bathtubs in the world. If you want the best for you and your home, Im sure youll be delighted with Jacuzzi whirlpool bathtubs.If you want the best whirlpool in the world, you have to get it from Jacuzzi. It’s as simple as that. Better than reading about it, you just need to step into one for a second

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The Japanese Bathtub is the supreme experience in bathing. If you think you take your baths seriously, just wait until you know about the oriental bathing rituals.Traditional Japanese bathtubs are made of wood, though you can find every possible combination these days, from stone to acrylic, to solid wood. It all depends on how much you’re willing to pay. One thing is for certain though – your bathtub will definitely make your bathroom.

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