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Clawfoot Bathtubs Give You Vintage Style and Ambience in Your Bathroom Renovation

Clawfoot bathtubs are one of a kind. No matter how much contemporary bath tub designs innovate, nothing will ever come close to the uniqueness of a clawfoot tub equipped bathroom. Some people may find it too oppressive, but it’s just a decoration style: if you can’t stand the heat, then you should get out of the kitchen… or in this case, the bathroom.Kohler Iron Works clawfoot historic bathtub With Sandbar Exterior:Classic and elegant design.Depth - 12-5/8in.Painted exterior allows for color customization,Weight: 375lbs. There are only a couple of things you should be aware before choosing your clawfoot bathtub.

 Understand How Your Clawfoot Bathtub Will Fit in Your Bathroom Decor

Although clawfoot is still a stylish vanity in any bathroom, you should consider very carefully how it will affect your décor: are you mixing different decoration styles and elements? Will it blend together? Will it feel as a “whole”? If you can’t answer these questions with confidence, they maybe you should reconsider it; or get extra help from a professional decorator that can assist you.

 A lot of the modern clawfoot bathtub styles and sizes are meant for the new design of a modern look. These new manufactured tubs are available in an acrylic clawfoot tub, cast-iron or for those who like to lay back and relax you can purchase an air jetted clawfoot tub.

A Vintage Clawfoot Bathtub Is the Best Way to Create That Old World Bathroom Feel

If you love your vintage style and ambience in your bathroom renovation than the clawfoot bathtub is going to be your obvious choice. Clawfoot Bathtub with Almond Exterior:Specially contoured for comfort, the Iron Works Historic bath provides a relaxing soak.Intricately ornate cast iron ball-and-claw feet emulate antique furniture and offer historical charm-Extra-spacious 36in width and integral lumbar support.This tub has a very classic tub shaped that will surely never be out of fashion.

When you’re shopping for a Clawfoot bathtubs, don’t forget you’re dealing with high quality and stylish bathtub. Under no circumstance should you compare its prices against those cheap unremarkable contemporary bathtubs. These belong to a different class, high above the rest. That’s why you don’t get to see a clawfoot cast iron bathtub in every bathroom.

 If you decide to have one at home, be sure to think about it seriously before you dive into it. This is a choice you don’t want to regret later on. When done right, it will turn your bathroom into a very special room.

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