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Bathtub Refinishing Will Give You a Fresh New Look on Your Bathtub

Bathtub Refinishing can be quite an interesting solution, provided you know exactly what you’re getting. You can’t expect reglazing a bathtub to mend a broken bathtub, but if you have an old-looking or scratched bathtub or shower stall, bathtub refinishing can make it look brand new at a fraction of the cost you’d have to pay for it. If done by a professional, the refinishing can even make a chipped tub look like it was never used.

A Less Expensive Way to Add a New Look to Your Bathtub

Although bathtub refinishing is mostly used to repair bathtubs, you can also use it to improve your bathroom décor. Who says you have to make it look like it did before? You can get creative and take the chance to make a refreshing change of scenery. Ever thought about having a colored bathtub? Aren’t you tired of the all-white vanities? If you have to refinish it, you can at least use that opportunity to color it the way you’ve always wanted.

 Bathtub refinishing is just like any other home renovation. It needs to be prepped the right way to give you a brilliant finish. You may think that you have to remove your bathtub completely and take it to the shop to be refinished but that is just a myth when you are resurfacing or reglazing your bathtub.

Have Your Bathtub Resurfaced without Even Moving It out of the Bathroom

Most jobs are done on site and the technicians that are doing it are very aware that they are in a private residence. A lot of precautions are taken to reduce the overspray and dust from the task at hand. The tub should be masked out and drop sheets should be placed around the whole area to be worked on.

First, the tub has to be repaired and any nicks or holes should be filled, primed and then sealed. The finishing touch is the highly durable, glossy topcoat that will be applied to your bathtub. You will have several colors to decide on depending on your bathroom remodeling color scheme.

DIY Your Own Bathtub-Refinishing and Pick a Fresh New Color

Unless your bathtub needs a serious reglazing refinish – which should only be done by professional workers – there are a lot of "bathtub refinishing" products you can use yourself. It isn’t that difficult to paint and refinish your own bathtub if you have the right products and tools. But, if you don’t feel comfortable with that idea, hiring someone to do it for you will still be a lot less expensive than buying a brand new bath tub.

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Bathtub Liners| Acrylic Bathtub Resurfacing
Replacing your old bathtub is a messy and costly affair. Have a look at what you can achieve by using a quality bathtub liner and wall surround.If you have the chance the try a properly installed, high quality bathtub and shower liner, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference from a real bathtub without it.

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