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Bathtub Faucet |Discover the Perfect Bathtub Faucet Design for Your Bathroom Decor

When it comes to choosing a bathtub faucet, possibilities are endless. If you thought you had a hard time choosing your new bathtub model, the worst is yet to come. For each bath tub you saw, there are hundreds of bathtub faucet designs. Although it helps to know what style of tub you have, there are so many possible combinations that the best way to find it is to stick to a trusted bathroom faucet manufacturer.

Sure, using the internet has made things a lot easier. You can head to a retailer, and quickly filter and sort out to bathtub faucets by style, manufacturer, popularity and price. If you want a regular faucet, that will be your best and fastest answer.

There Are Many Different Bathroom Faucet Types to Choose from

There are several different faucet types to choose from and before you purchase one you should know which one that you need and is best suited for your sink. Most bathroom vanities or vanity tops will have either a one or three holes in the sink.

Sometimes in a different design it will be mounted on the wall above the sink. Typically, if you have a three hole installation you will need to know the faucet spacing. In order to achieve this you need to measure from the center from the hole on the left and the center of the far right hole. This will give you the size of faucet that you will need.

What Types of Bathroom Faucets Are Available?

One Hole: If there is only one hole in your countertop or vanity sink top then you will require the single whole bathroom faucet.

Three holes 4 inches apart: If your vanity top has four holes that are 4 inches apart. You will need a 4 inch center set or depending on your style a 4" mini widespread faucet. Your typical center set faucet will have one spout with one or two handles. The mini widespread has no base and only has hot and cold handles.

Three holes 8 inches apart: If there are three holes and they are 8 inches apart on your countertop you will need an 8 inch widespread faucet. This faucet type has both independent hot and cold handles.

The vessel sink: Your vessel sink requires a special vessel faucet; you'll find that this type of faucet is taller than your average standard faucet, which allows it to reach the top of the sink.

You Can Find a Unique, Stylish Bathroom Faucet for Your Bathroom

 But, if you’re looking for those unique looking, stylish faucets, you need to go directly to the source – or to a specialized retailer. In any case, you better be prepared to have a dent in your wallet: some bathroom faucets can cost more than you’d care to imagine.

From the most regular and cheap looking "bathtub faucet" to the gold plated ceiling mounted water sprout, your bathroom can look exactly as you imagine it – provided you can pay for it. With so much competition going on, you can find high quality sink and bathtub faucets for a fraction of the cost people used to pay. Just make sure that know what you’re buying… because there’s nothing worse than a leaking faucet.

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